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Boxing matches sold from one Boxing Video Collector
to another, no Rights are Given or Implied! (Hawkins)
I have all the new fights not listed and more, E-mail me!!!

All Fights available on DVD-R for $24.95 each postage paid!!!
Up to 6 Fights per DVD sept for KO Compilations like Joe Mesi KOs DVD
which has 9 of his shorter KO Bouts on one DVD, also the Klitschko's KO's
and Tommy Morrison KO DVDs have many more fights and KO's on them!
Video Tapes (VHS) available for $19.95 each postage paid, up to 6 bouts!

Send Money Order & include note with list of fights you want to:


Overseas orders please send "International Money Order" and add $10.00
for overseas postage and insurance fees, will make a deal, E-Mail Me!!!

Here's a List of some of my fights!

Ali vs Bonavena (Missing Rd's 2,7,12)
Ali vs Chuvalo 1
Ali vs Cooper 2 (HL)
Ali vs Daniels (HL)
Ali vs Ellis (Missing Rd 8 )
Ali vs Foreman
Ali vs Frazier Preshow
Ali vs Frazier 1
Ali vs Frazier 2
Ali vs Frazier 3
Ali vs Holmes
Ali vs Jones (HL)
Ali vs Liston 1
Ali vs Liston 2
Ali vs Moore
Ali vs Norton 1 (HL)
Ali vs Norton 2 (HL)
Ali vs Norton 3 (HL)
Ali vs Patterson (HL)
Ali vs Quarry 1
Ali vs Spinks 1 (HL)
Ali vs Spinks 2 (HL)
Ali vs Williams

Arguello vs Busceme
Arguello vs Chacon
Arguello vs Costello
Arguello vs Ganigan
Arguello vs Elizondo
Arguello vs Mancini
Arguello vs Oliveras
Arguello vs Pryor 1
Arguello vs Pryor 2
Arguello vs Rooney

Armstrong vs Ambers (HL)
Armstrong vs Ambers 2 (HL)
Armstrong vs Arizmendi (HL)
Armstrong vs Garcia (HL)
Armstrong vs Ross (HL)

Austin vs Marquez

Barkley vs Benn
Barkley vs Duran
Barkley vs Hearns 1
Barkley vs Hearns 2

Barrera vs Kelley
Barrera vs McKinney
Barrera vs Pacquio

Benitez vs Cervantes
Benitez vs Duran
Benitez vs Palomino
Benitez vs Leonard
Benitez vs Moore

Benn vs Barkley
Benn vs Duran (Sparring)
Benn vs McClellan
Benn vs Sanda

Berbick vs Page
Berbick vs Thomas
Berbick vs Tyson

Biggs vs Lewis (Olympics)

Bojado vs Adamyan
Bojado vs Clottey
Bojado vs Lucero
Bojado vs Nelson
Bojado vs Rubio 2

Bonavena vs Ali
Bonavena vs Frazier 1

Bowe vs Golota 2
Bowe vs Lewis (Olympics)
Bowe vs Tubbs

Branco vs Gatti

Briggs vs Foreman
Briggs vs Lewis

Briscoe vs Hagler
Briscoe vs Mustafa Muhammad

Broad vs Ruddock

Brown vs Hopkins
Brown vs McGirt
Brown vs Norris 1
Brown vs Norris 2
Brown vs Vaca

Bruno vs Coetzee
Bruno vs Lewis
Bruno vs Smith
Bruno vs Tyson 1

Byrd vs Holyfield
Byrd vs Ibeabuchi
Byrd vs Oquendo

Campbell vs Attah
Campbell vs Casamayor

Casamayor vs Campbell
Casamayor vs Corrales 1
Casamayor vs McCullough (ama)

Cervantes vs Benitez
Cervantes vs Pryor

Charles vs Marciano 2
Charles vs walcott 2 (HL)
Charles vs Walcott 3 (HL)

Chavez vs Ahn
Chavez vs DLH (sparring)
Chavez vs Mosley (sparring)
Chavez vs Taylor
Chavez vs Whitaker

Chuvalo vs Ali 1
Chuvalo vs Foreman
Chuvalo vs Frazier
Chuvalo vs Patterson

Clark vs Ramirez

Coetzee vs Bruno
Coetzee vs Page
Coetzee vs Spinks
Coetzee vs Thomas
Coetzee vs Weaver

Cooney vs Foreman
Cooney vs Holmes
Cooney vs Lyle
Cooney vs Norton
Cooney vs Spinks
Cooney vs Young

Cooper vs Dewitt

Corrales vs Casamayor
Corrales vs Cassiani

Cotto vs Ceballos
Cotto vs Perez
Cotto vs Sosa

Cuevas vs Duran
Cuevas vs Hearns

Curry vs Starling 2
Curry vs Mcrory
Curry vs McCallum
Curry vs Norris
Curry vs Honeyghan

Davis vs Azille

Dempsey vs Willard

Diaz vs Contreras

DLH vs Chavez (sparring)
DLH vs Hernandez
DLH vs Mosley 2
DLH vs Valenzuela
DLH vs Vargas
DLH vs Whitaker

Dokes vs Holyfield
Dokes vs Ruddock

Douglas vs Tucker
Douglas vs Tyson

Duran vs Barkley
Duran vs Benitez
Duran vs Benn (sparring)
Duran vs Buchanon
Duran vs Cuevas
Duran vs Hagler
Duran vs Hearns
Duran vs Kobayashi (HL)
Duran vs Leonard 1
Duran vs Leonard 2
Duran vs Leonard 3
Duran vs Moore

Ellis vs Ali
Ellis vs Frazier 1
Ellis vs Shavers

Foreman vs Ali
Foreman vs Briggs
Foreman vs Chuvalo
Foreman vs Cooney
Foreman vs Frazier 1
Foreman vs Frazier 2
Foreman vs Gullick
Foreman vs Holyfield
Foreman vs Lyle
Foreman vs Moorer
Foreman vs Norton
Foreman vs Peralta 1
Foreman vs Pires
Foreman vs Rodriguez
Foreman vs Roman
Foreman vs Savarese
Foreman vs Stewart
Foreman vs Toronto
Foreman vs Johnson
Foreman vs Judge
Foreman vs Daniels
Foreman vs Polite
Foreman vs Kirkman
Foreman vs Waldhelm

Forrest vs Martinez
Forrest vs Mosley 1
Forrest vs Mayorga 1
Forrest vs Mayorga 2

Foster vs Frazier
Foster vs Kendall
Foster vs Quarry
Foster vs Rondon
Foster vs Tiger

Frazier vs Ali Preshow
Frazier vs Ali 1
Frazier vs Ali 2
Frazier vs Ali 3
Frazier vs Bonavena 1
Frazier vs Bugner
Frazier vs Chuvalo
Frazier vs Ellis 1
Frazier vs Foster
Frazier vs Foreman 1
Frazier vs Foreman 2
Frazier vs Machen (HL)
Frazier vs Mathis (HL)
Frazier vs Quarry 1
Frazier vs Quarry 2
Frazier vs Ramos
Frazier vs Stander

Galindez vs Johnson
Galindez vs Mustafa Muhammad

Gatti vs Branco
Gatti vs Manfredy
Gatti vs Millet
Gatti vs Munoz
Gatti vs Patterson 2
Gatti vs Rodriguez
Gatti vs Robinson 1
Gatti vs Robinson 2
Gatti vs Ward I
Gatti vs Ward II
Gatti vs Ward III

Gibbs vs Rayburn

Golota vs Bowe 2
Golota vs Lennox Lewis
Golota vs Darren Hayden
Golota vs Marion Wilson
Golota vs Marcus Rhode
Golota vs Terrence Lewis
Golota vs Nix (Polvision)
Golota vs Nix (English with Larry Holmes commentating)

Gomez JC vs Samil Sam

Gomez W vs Sanchez

Guinn vs Dokiwari
Guinn vs Grant
Guinn vs Monte Barrett (Guinn Upset!)

Graziano vs Robinson
Graziano vs Zale 3

Grant vs Davis
Grant vs Guinn

Griffin vs Jones 1
Griffin vs Jones 2
Griffin vs Tarver

Griffith vs Rodriguez 2 (HL)

Hagler vs Antifermo 1
Hagler vs Antifermo 2
Hagler vs Briscoe
Hagler vs Duran
Hagler vs Leonard (Missing 2 rounds)
Hagler vs Hamsho 1
Hagler vs Hamsho 2
Hagler vs Hearns
Hagler vs Lee
Hagler vs Minter
Hagler vs Mugabi
Hagler vs Obelmajias 2
Hagler vs Roldan
Hagler vs Sibson
Hagler vs Scypion

Hall vs Letterlough
Hall vs Jones

Ham vs Almanzar

Hamed vs Bungu
Hamed vs Kelly
Hamed vs Sanchez

Harrison vs Nix

Hearns vs Andries
Hearns vs Atkins
Hearns vs Barkley 1
Hearns vs Barkley 2
Hearns vs Cuevas
Hearns vs Duran
Hearns vs Gazo
Hearns vs Geraldo
Hearns vs Grant
Hearns vs Hayman
Hearns vs Hagler
Hearns vs Hill
Hearns vs Leonard 1
Hearns vs Leonard 2
Hearns vs Maynard
Hearns vs Morton
Hearns vs Richards
Hearns vs Roldan
Hearns vs Shuler
Hearns vs Singletary (Rounds 1+10)
Hearns vs Snider
Hearns vs Valdez
Hearns vs Ward
Hearns (Sparring)

Hill vs Hearns
Hill vs Jones

Holmes vs Ali
Holmes vs Bobick (Ama)
Holmes vs Cooney
Holmes vs Frank
Holmes vs Mercer
Holmes vs Ruddock (Sparring)
Holmes vs Tyson
Holmes vs Weaver
Holmes vs Witherspoon

Holyfield vs Byrd
Holyfield vs Dokes
Holyfield vs Foreman
Holyfield vs Toney
Holyfield vs Tyson 2
Holyfield vs Qawi 1
Holyfield vs Qawi 2

Hopkins vs Brown
Hopkins vs Daniels
Hopkins vs Echols 2
Hopkins vs Hakkar
Hopkins vs Holmes
Hopkins vs Joppy
Hopkins vs Trinidad
Hopkins vs Vanderpool

Ibeabuchi vs Byrd
Ibeabuchi vs Davis
Ibeabuchi vs Delgado
Ibeabuchi vs Jones
Ibeabuchi vs Pickrum
Ibeabuchi vs Ray
Ibeabuchi vs Tua

Jackson vs McCallum
Jackson vs McClellan 1
Jackson vs McClellan 2
Jackson vs Norris

Jirov vs Kiwanuka
Jirov vs Manteen
Jirov vs Nicholson
Jirov vs Joe Mesi
Jirov vs James Toney

Johnson vs Galindez
Johnson vs Mustafa Muhammad
Johnson vs Saad 1
Johnson vs Saad 2
Johnson vs Spinks

Jones vs Gonzalez
Jones vs Grant
Jones vs Griffin 1
Jones vs Griffin 2
Jones vs Hall
Jones vs Hill
Jones vs Reggie Johnson
Jones vs Kelley
Jones vs Park (Olympics)
Jones vs Ruiz
Jones vs Tarver
Jones vs Telesco
Jones vs Woods

Judah vs Corley
Judah vs Rangell
Judah vs Tszyu

Kelly vs Barrera
Kelly vs Hamed

Klitschko V vs Johnson
Klitschko V vs Lewis

Klitschko W vs Mccline
Klitschko W vs Sanders

Lacy vs Crawford

Lazcano vs Johnson

Leonard vs Benitez
Leonard vs Duran 1
Leonard vs Duran 2
Leonard vs Duran 3
Leonard vs Hagler (Missing 2 rounds)
Leonard vs Hearns 1
Leonard vs Hearns 2
Leonard vs Norris

Lewis vs Biggs (Olympics)
Lewis vs Bowe (Olympics)
Lewis vs Briggs
Lewis vs Bruno
Lewis vs Klitschko

Liston vs Ali 1
Liston vs Ali 2
Liston vs Machen
Liston vs Martin
Liston vs Patterson 1
Liston vs Patterson 2
Liston vs Whitehurst 2 (Rounds 1,2,5,8,9,10)
Liston vs Williams 1
Liston vs Williams 2

Lopez vs Saad Muhammad 1
Lopez vs Saad Muhammad 2
Lopez vs Spinks

Louis vs B Baer 2
Louis vs M Baer
Louis vs Conn 1
Louis vs Conn 2
Louis vs Ettore
Louis vs Galento
Louis vs Godoy 1 (HL)
Louis vs Godoy 2
Louis vs Mann
Louis vs Mauriello
Louis vs Paycheck
Louis vs Roper
Louis vs Sharkey
Louis vs Schmelling 1 (HL)
Louis vs Schmelling 2
Louis vs Walcott 1 (HL)
Louis vs Walcott 2 (HL)

Lyle vs Cooney
Lyle vs Foreman
Lyle vs Shavers

Mancini vs Arguello
Mancini vs Romero

Manfredy vs Gatti
Manfredy vs Mayweather
Manfredy vs Robinson
Manfredy vs Rodriguez

Marciano vs Charles 2
Marciano vs Lastarza 2
Marciano vs Layne
Marciano vs Walcott 1
Marciano vs Walcott 2

Margarito vs Kyvelos
Margarito vs Lewis

Marquez (Rafael) vs Austin
Marquez (Rafael) vs Fressina

Marquez (Manuel) vs Gainer

Maussa vs Resto

Mayorga vs Forrest 1
Mayorga vs Forrest 2
Mayorga vs Lewis 2
Mayorga vs Spinks

Mayweather vs Castillo 2
Mayweather vs Manfredy
Mayweather vs Ndou
Mayweather vs Sosa

Maxim vs Robinson
Maxim vs Patterson

Mcall vs Tucker

Mcallum vs Curry
Mcallum vs Jackson

McClellan vs Baptist
McClellan vs Benn
McClellan vs Brooks
McClellan vs Gordon
McClellan vs Jackson 1
McClellan vs Jackson 2
McClellan vs Maquilon
McClellan vs Mugabi
McClellan vs Mitchell
McClellan vs Sullivan

Mccline vs Schufford
Mccline vs W Klitschko

McGirt vs Brown
McGirt vs Davis
McGirt vs Taylor
McGirt vs Whitaker 1
McGirt vs Whitaker 2

Mendoza vs Wiliams

Mesi vs Gary Winmon
Mesi vs Rohan Wallace
Mesi vs Green
Mesi vs David Izon
Mesi vs Talmage Griffis
Mesi vs Barret
Mesi vs Jirov
Mesi vs Williamson

Mitchell vs N'dou
Mitchell vs Tackie
Mitchell vs Tszyu

Moore vs Ali
Moore vs Durelle 1 (HL)
Moore vs Durelle 2
Moore vs Patterson (HL)

Moore (Davey) vs Benitez
Moore (Davey) vs Duran
Moore (Davey) vs Drayton

Moorer vs Foreman

Morrales vs Ayala
Morrales vs Chavez

Mosley vs Chavez (sparring)
Mosley vs DLH 2
Mosley vs Forrest 1
Mosley vs Hernandez (Sparring)
Mosley vs Johnson
Mosley vs Leija
Mosley vs Marquez
Mosley vs Molina
Mosley vs Rivera
Mosley vs Stone
Mosley vs Wise
Mosley vs Wright

Mugabi vs Brown
Mugabi vs Guiden
Mugabi vs Hagler
Mugabi vs Jacquet
Mugabi vs Parker
Mugabi vs McClellan
Mugabi vs Morgan
Mugabi vs Norris

Mustafa Muhammad vs Briscoe
Mustafa Muhammad vs Burnett
Mustafa Muhammad vs Galindez
Mustafa Muhammad vs Johnson
Mustafa Muhammad vs Scott
Mustafa Muhammad vs Spinks

Norton vs Ali 1 (HL)
Norton vs Ali 2 (HL)
Norton vs Ali 3 (HL)
Norton vs Cooney
Norton vs Foreman
Norton vs Quarry
Norton vs Shavers

Norris vs Blocker
Norris vs Brown 1
Norris vs Brown 2
Norris vs Curry
Norris vs Jackson
Norris vs Lawlor
Norris vs Leonard
Norris vs Mugabi
Norris vs Rios
Norris vs Rupa
Norris vs Taylor
Norris vs Vaden
Norris vs Velasquez
Norris vs Walker
Norris vs Waters

Olajide vs Marks

Olivares vs Arguello
Olivares vs Chiyota (HL)

Oquendo vs Byrd
Oquendo vs Harris

Page vs Berbick
Page vs Coetzee
Page vs Le Doux
Page vs Snipes
Page vs Tillis
Page vs Tubbs
Page vs Witherspoon 1

Pastrano vs Downes (HL)

Patterson vs Ali (HL)
Patterson vs Augusto (HL)
Patterson vs Chuvalo
Patterson vs Liston 1
Patterson vs Liston 2
Patterson vs Maxim
Patterson vs Moore

Pacquio vs Barrera
Pacquio vs Lucero

Pryor vs Arguello 1
Pryor vs Arguello 2

Qawi vs Holyfield 1
Qawi vs Holyfield 2
Qawi vs Lainhart
Qawi vs Spinks L
Qawi vs Spinks M

Quarry vs Ali 1
Quarry vs Frazier 1
Quarry vs Frazier 2
Quarry vs Norton
Quarry vs Shavers

Rahman vs Sanders
Rahman vs Ruiz
Rahman vs Lewis 1 & 2
Rahman vs Tua 1 & 2

Robinson vs Gatti 1
Robinson vs Gatti 2
Robinson vs Manfredy

Robinson vs Graziano
Robinson vs Fullmer 3 (HL)
Robinson vs Lamotta 6
Robinson vs Maxim

Rodriguez vs Griffith 2 (HL)

Roldan vs Hagler
Roldan vs Hearns

Ruddock vs Alexander
Ruddock vs Broad
Ruddock vs Dokes
Ruddock vs Holmes (Sparring)
Ruddock vs Houk
Ruddock vs Quintana
Ruddock vs Ribalta
Ruddock vs Tyson 1
Ruddock vs Tommy Morrison

Ruiz vs Jones
Ruiz vs Rahman

Sanchez vs Gomez

Sanders vs Levi Billups
Sanders vs Bert Cooper
Sanders vs Mike Williams
Sanders vs Nate Tubbs
Sanders vs Bobby Czyz
Sanders vs Al Cole
Sanders vs Hasim Rahman
Sanders vs Otis Tisdale
Sanders vs Michael Sprott
Sanders vs Wladamir Klitschko

Saad Muhammad vs Johnson 1
Saad Muhammed vs Johnson 2
Saad Muhammed vs Lopez 1
Saad Muhammed vs Lopez 2

Savold vs Woodcock 2 (HL)

Simms vs Garcia

Sosa vs Cotto
Sosa vs Mayweather

Spinks C vs Mayorga

Spinks L vs Coetzee
Spinks L vs Qawi

Spinks vs Celestine
Spinks vs Cooney
Spinks vs J Davis
Spinks vs M Johnson
Spinks vs V Johnson
Spinks vs Lopez
Spinks vs McDonald
Spinks vs Mustafa Muhammad
Spinks vs Sears
Spinks vs Tangstad
Spinks vs Tyson
Spinks vs Qawi
Spinks vs Wassajja

Sharkey vs Louis
Sharkey vs Maloney (HL)

Shavers vs Cobb
Shavers vs Clark 2
Shavers vs Ellis
Shavers vs Norton
Shavers vs Smith
Shavers vs Lyle
Shavers vs Quarry

Smith vs Bruno
Smith vs Weaver 1
Smith vs Witherspoon 1
Smith vs Witherspoon 2

Stewart vs Foreman
Stewart vs Tyson

Tarver vs Griffin
Tarver vs Jones

Taylor vs Martinez
Taylor vs Rios

Taylor vs Chavez 1
Taylor vs Espana
Taylor vs Gonzalez
Taylor vs McGirt
Taylor vs Meekins

Thomas vs Berbick
Thomas vs Coetzee
Thomas vs Tillis
Thomas vs Tyson
Thomas vs Witherspoon
Thomas vs Weaver

Tillis vs Page
Tillis vs Thomas

Toney vs Holyfield
Toney vs Jirov

Trinidad vs Camacho
Trinidad vs Hopkins

Tszyu vs Judah
Tszyu vs Mitchell

Tua vs Ibeabuchi
Tua vs Rahman 2

Tubbs vs Bowe
Tubbs vs Butler
Tubbs vs Jackson
Tubbs vs Page
Tubbs vs Tyson
Tubbs vs Witherspoon

Tucker vs Douglas
Tucker vs Mcall
Tucker vs Tyson

Tyson vs Alderson
Tyson vs Berbick
Tyson vs Bent (amateur)
Tyson vs Biggs
Tyson vs Boyd
Tyson vs Brown (amateur)
Tyson vs Bruno 1
Tyson vs Canaday
Tyson vs Cortez (amateur)
Tyson vs Douglas
Tyson vs Ettienne
Tyson vs Ferguson
Tyson vs Frazier
Tyson vs Green
Tyson vs Gross
Tyson vs Halpin (HL)
Tyson vs Holmes
Tyson vs Holyfield 2
Tyson vs Jaco
Tyson vs Jameson
Tyson vs Johnson
Tyson vs Long
Tyson vs Mcneeley
Tyson vs Mercedes
Tyson vs Nielson
Tyson vs Payne (amateur)
Tyson vs Ratliff
Tyson vs Richardson
Tyson vs Ruddock 1
Tyson Vs Scaff
Tyson vs Singleton
Tyson vs Spinks
Tyson vs Stewart
Tyson vs Thomas
Tyson vs Tillis (HL)
Tyson vs Tillman 1 (1984 Olympic Trials)
Tyson vs Tillman 2 (1984 Olympic Trials)
Tyson vs Tillman
Tyson vs Tubbs
Tyson vs Tucker
Tyson vs Williams
Tyson vs Young
Tyson vs Zouski

Vargas vs Quartey
Vargas vs Campas
Vargas vs DLH
Vargas vs Thompson
Vargas vs Vanderpool
Vargas vs wright

Vilaria vs Keb Bass

Vinson vs Chacon

Walcott vs Charles 2 (HL)
Walcott vs Charles 3 (HL)
Walcott vs Louis 1 (HL)
Walcott vs Louis 2 (HL)
Walcott vs Marciano 1
Walcott vs Marciano 2

Ward vs Gatti 1
Ward vs Gatti 2
Ward vs Gatti 3

Weaver vs Coetzee
Weaver vs Holmes
Weaver vs Smith 1
Weaver vs Thomas

Whitaker vs Baez
Whitaker vs Chavez
Whitaker vs Delahoya
Whitaker vs Hatfield
Whitaker vs Hurtado
Whitaker vs McGirt 1
Whitaker vs McGirt 2
Whitaker vs Montana
Whitaker vs Nazario
Whitaker vs Nelson

Williams (Carl) vs Mike Tyson
Williams (Carl) vs Tommy Morrison
Williams (Carl) vs Alex Zolkin

Williams (Cleveland) vs Ali
Williams (Cleveland) vs Liston 1
Williams (Cleveland) vs Liston 2

Williams R vs Valenzuela

Witherspoon vs Ecklund
Witherspoon vs Holmes
Witherspoon vs Page 1
Witherspoon vs Smith 1
Witherspoon vs Smith 2
Witherspoon vs Thomas
Witherspoon vs Tubbs

Wright vs Candelo
Wright vs Hernandez
Wright vs Mosley
Wright vs Vargas

-Mike vs Tyson
-Tyson Interview On Last Call
-Tyson On Jimmy Kimmel
-Tyson Interview On The Pulse
-Mike Tyson Fights Volume 2
-Mike Tyson Fights Volume 3
-The Young Tyson-Famous Fights (Tyson vs Mercedes, Singleton, Halpin RD 4, Alderson, Canaday, Johnson, Long, Richardson, Scaff, Young, Jaco, Jameson)
-Tyson The Contender-Famous Fights (Ferguson, Tillis HL, Green HL, Frazier)
-Tyson Loses-Classic Night At The Fights
-TSN Tyson Johnson
-TSN Tyson Zouski
-Tyson Spinks Preview (HBO)

-The Ali Norton Trilogy
-Sweet Science(Muhammad Ali documentary including rare footage of interviews with him)
-Frazier Ali Preshow
-Classic Night At The Fights: Cassius Clay
-Classic Night At The Fights: Muhammad Ali
-Classic Boxing: Ali The Young Champion
-Ali: Through The Eyes Of The World

-Sweeet scince: Roy Jones
-Lennox Lewis: Off The Record
-Bud Greenspan's Kings of the Ring
-Shadow Boxing: The Journey Of The African American Fighter
-George Foreman: Relatively Speaking
-Roy Jones On Average Joe
-Henry Armstrong Highlights
-Greatest Rounds In Boxing
-Sonny Liston: Night At The Fights
-Behind The Fights- First Round Knockouts (Louis Schmelling 2, Marciano Walcott 2, Liston Patterson 1+2, Ali Liston 2)
-Intimidators (Featuring the great intimidators with their best early fights in their entirety, Foreman Norton, Liston Patterson 1+2, Various clips of Tyson fights Frazier, Spinks etc)
-Fights Of The Century (Profiling the greatest heavyweight bouts of the century from Jack Johnson to Tyson Spinks With commentary from various boxing experts in the buildup along the way)
-Boxing: In And Out Of The Ring
-Boxings Greatest Champions: The Lightheavyweights
-Boxings Greatest Champions: The Heavyweights The Big punchers
-Gil Clancy Night At The Fights
-Joe Louis Profile HBO Sports
-The Best Of Marvin Hagler
-The Best Of Roberto Duran
-Oscar De La Hoya's Favourite Fighters
-Oscar DLH On Punked

-The Way It Was: Robinson Lamotta
-The Way It Was: Pep Saddler
-The Way It Was: Louis Galento
-The Way It Was: Zale Graziano 3
-The Way It Was: Louis walcott

-Beyond The Glory-Mike Tyson
-Beyond The Glory-Evander Holyfield

Friday Night Fights:
-Feb 13th 04 (
-Feb 20th 04 (Gibbs Rayburn, Olajide Marks)

HBO Full Broadcasts:
-Ward vs Gatti 2 (Morrales vs Ayala)
-Klitschko vs Mccline (Mayweather vs Castillo 2)
-Mayorga vs Forrest (Casamayor vs Campbell)
-Mosley vs Marquez (Margarito vs Lewis)
-Mayweather vs Sosa (Barrera Kelley, Cotto Perez)
-Toney vs Jirov (Tarver vs Griffin)
-Hopkins vs Hakkar (Rahman vs Tua 2)
-Forrest vs Mayorga 2 (Judah vs Corley)
-Vargas vs Vanderpool (Pacquio vs Lucero)
-Mesi vs Williamson (Guinn vs Dokiwari, Gomez vs Sam)
-Byrd vs Oquendo (Mosley DLH 2)
-Mayweather vs N'dou (Marquez vs Gainer)
-Barrera vs Paqcuio (Jones vs Tarver)
-V Klitschko vs Johnson (Mesi vs Barret)
-Gatti vs Branco (Bojado vs Clottey)
-Margarito vs Kyvelos (Marquez vs Frissina)
-Morrales vs Chavez (Cotto vs Sosa)
-Wright vs Mosley (Mesi vs Jirov)

Pay Per View Masters:
-Jones Ruiz (Wright Candelo, Oquendo Harris, Jones Ruiz)
-Tyson Ettienne (Lacy Crawford, Corrales Cassiani, Tyson Nielson, Tyson Ettienne)
-DLH Mosley 2 (Cotto Ceballos, Lazcano Johnson, DLH Mosley 2)
-Jones Tarver (Taylor Martinez, Wright Hernandez, Jones Tarver)
-Night Of The Undisputed (Judah Rangell, Simms Garcia, Ruiz Rahman, Mayorga Spinks, Hopkins Joppy)

Legendary Nights:
-Leonard vs Hearns
-Holmes vs Cooney
-Pryor vs Arguello
-Hagler vs Hearns
-Leonard vs Hagler
-Douglas vs Tyson
-Chavez vs Taylor
-Holyfield vs Bowe
-Bowe vs Golota
-Foreman vs Moorer
-Trinidad vs DLH
-Lewis vs Tyson


Boxing matches sold from one Boxing Video Collector
to another, no Rights are Given or Implied! (Hawkins)
I have all the new fights not listed and more, E-mail me!!!

All Fights available on DVD-R for $24.95 each postage paid!!!
Up to 6 Fights per DVD sept for KO Compilations like Joe Mesi KOs DVD
which has 9 of his shorter KO Bouts on one DVD, also the Klitschko's KO's
and Tommy Morrison KO DVDs have many more fights and KO's on them!
Video Tapes (VHS) available for $19.95 each postage paid, up to 6 bouts!

Send Money Order & include note with list of fights you want to:

Overseas orders please send "International Money Order" and add $10.00
for overseas postage and insurance fees, will make a deal, E-Mail Me!!!

E-Mail Mike Hawkins
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Boxing Riots! After Fight Pics!
Vitali Klitschko Destroys Kirk Johnson Pics!
Butterbeans Greatest Knock-Outs Pics/Video!
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