These are pics of Mountain Gorillas from Africa! Do they look real to you??

The average grown Gorilla has 18 times the strength of the Strongest Human!
Even a Chimp has 3 times the strength of a Human Bodybuilder!!

Europeans aka "White People" refused to believe that the Gorilla was real until
dead ones were brought back to Europe to be disected!! Religious leaders of
the time said such an abomination could never be real!!!
If they were extinct they would say they never existed in the first place!!!

5 of these skulls come from Hominids who walked on 2 legs like you and I!!!
Can you pick out the "Human" skull from this batch??

Did you pick Skull #6?? Well you are wrong! None of these are classified
as "Human", all come from Bipedal Hominids but not "Human" and all were
found on the continent of Africa! They were ApeMen and were
here for millions of years before any trace of Modern Humans existed!!

How about Bigfoot? Native Americans call it Sasquatch and seen it for
50,000 years before "White Man" came to America to say they're crazy
for believing it exists and having their own religion and their own Gods!
Europeans tried to strip all Cultures & Races of their Native Religions!!

All Scientists agree, a "Bigfoot" like Creature DID Exist, the Fossil records
prove this beyond doubt! Scientists named the Creature "Gigantopithecus"
which is Latin for "Giant Ape"! The bones date from 6 Million years ago to
only 200 thousand years ago! It was here for Millions of years before Man!

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The last Full-Blooded Native Tasmanian died in 1876, a recent extinction!
Her name was Princess Truganini who died childless in Tasmania.
Native Tasmanians wore no clothes when first encountered by Europeans,
they were considered the most primitive humans ever encountered!
The Hideous photos of Tasmanians slaughtered by Europeans are 2 graphic

for me to post on this page! You can view them at most libraries in the USA.

What if they would have survived and breeded in great numbers, how
different would it be in Tasmania today?

The Tasmanian Tiger was also hunted to extinction by European settlers!
Scientists act mystified as to where all the "races" of humanoids went from the
past like "Australopithecus Africanus" and the more well known "Neaderthal"??

Native people of Egypt are also classified as "extinct" (Look it up at the library!).
Only "Arab" mixed race hybrids remain in the Middle East!! Our good friends!!
Praise Ala my azz!!!
Muhammad can suck my Irish #@%#!!!!
So what happened to all those "races" of humanoids that just disappeared??
Scientists claim 15 Million years of Fossils and hundreds of species of Humanoids
with no trace of the "Missing Links" to have a "Evolution" Connection as to what
happened all those "Species"! I think it's simple and we can look at recent Human
history to see what happens when one race moves in on another!

In Tasmania most natives were hunted into extinction!
a few were taken as live in mates for the Brittish settlers that
forgot to bring enough of their own women along!! In North America the conquest
of the "Indians" was just as savage as it was in Australia! Just recently I saw on
"NOVA" about the "Red-Headed Mummies" found in China of European origine
that pre-dates the modern Chinese who live there now!
They became extinct through race mixing or were wiped out by the
modern day Chinese! Humans would have breeded with ancient humanoids I have no
doubt, I'm certain ancient humans breeded with Neaderthals in great numbers
hence their extinction! It would explain races "disappearing" in Fossils!!
Hybrids would be produced and absorbed into the larger mass!
I heard a Scientist state that there would
be no "Missing Link needed" if you insert "Race Mixing" into the equation!!
Humans are like domesticated Dogs, they've been inter-breeding forever!!
It's funny that Apes won't breed with other races but humans love to!

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Pic of the Florida SkunkApe on left, the one on the right is a still-frame
from the Roger Patterson Bigfoot Footage from Bluff Creek California 1967.

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