More Baby Pics and other Pics of

Mike Hawkins Lost In Space!!!
Age 15, Houston Texas Space Museum.

Hawkins age 3, baby brat!
Grandma Hawkins & my Dad.

Grandma & Grandpa Hawkins
Mike at age 5

My 107 year old Great Grandma Hawkins
My Dad & Mom, Mike at age 5

My Dad & I in Ottawa Canada
on vacation, Fishing & Camping.

My Dad, Sister Christie, & Mike age 15

Mike playin' Cops & Robbers with
the neighbor girl...age 6

Mike & his Mom & Grandma's poodle!

Mike's favorite tree to climb as a kid!
Got whipped by many branches from
this apple tree, age 5.

Mike, age 15 after he got his 'puter back
from the police, I shouldn't have been
Hacking, Pirating, etc...oops...