First off, there are over 2,000 webpages in my website!
Many are "Linker" pages with key-words and a link to the front page!
I can't control the kinds of search engine listings I get, 90% or more of
all internet browsing is done through search engine link listings, people
find my website through many pages under many key-word listings! I get daily
hate mail from web-pages I made and forgot about years ago that are still listed
in various search engines around the world now in 2007.

I was on the TV show X-Testers recently and there will be a new show out soon
on national television featuring my UFO evidence in 2007, it's about time!

Also will have my footage shown on "Wife Swap" soon, It looks like it will be an
episode of Wife Swapping where one wife and family believe in the Paranormal
big time and the other wife and family can't stand it! - Typical drama...

I get a few e-mails every week about the changes in my website
in 2006, you must understand that the "UFO" and "Paranormal" parts
of my website are still there and updated: UFO PAGE HERE!
Simply go to that link, save it to your favorites and by-pass the front
entrance to my website! Some people are just interested in only the UFO and
Paranormal subjects despite the vast amount of 9/11 strange phenomenon
such as the numerous videos of strange objects around the Twin Towers
and the Pentagon during 9/11, some say Stealth fighters inserted bunker
buster type missiles into the WTC and Pentagon to insure maximum
destruction despite the bombs being placed in the WTC.

The Illuminati, the Masons, Skull & Bones Society, Bohemian Grove,
bombs being placed in WTC 7, a 757 won't fit in the Pentagon hole,
the bogus War on Terror, 9/11, Osama Bin Laden being a CIA funded
Terrorist, the record Oil Companies profits from the War on Terror,
the future invasion of Iran, the 7/7 staged bombing in London U.K.
in 2005, the staged train bombing in Madrid Spain, the scripted news
media in the USA, the U.S. Patriot Act stripping our freedoms away,
and on and on and on, these things are provable FACTS!

The Neo-Cons favorite pet monkey Bill O'Reilly hosted a "tabloid" style TV show
for years on National TV where he reported on Bigfoot and UFO sightings and what the
latest fad Hollywood idols were up to, it was pure Trash Journalism at its finest!
Now he's the NeoCon's ultimate spokesman, the Rich Elites pet dog?? What a joke!
I have hours of Bill O'Reilly on his tabloid show talking about UFO's, Bigfoot,
Lake Monsters, Ghosts, and other Paranormal as facts, not Conspiracies!
In the same way he now sticks up for the Rich Elite Slave Masters of
the New World Order, including Big Oil, Bush, Cheney, Wars, etc...
It's Pathetic and he's a High Paid Fraud!!!

Jericho - the new TV Show

I like it, one of the few shows I watch on TV anymore, get most of my
information off the internet and watch videos like the "Daily Show"
on-line among many others I watch on YouTube often.
I liked how in the first episode of "Jericho" that the people of this
small Kansas town are so busy text messaging their "friends" or talking
on their cell-phones that they don't notice a mushroom cloud on the
horizon, that Denver has been destroyed! You don't have to be in a
big city to be clueless and hypnotized by little gadgets, even
people in the middle of nowhere communicate more with their cell
phones than they do in person!

What type of movies I like?

I like Horror movies and good thrillers, I have a huge DVD movie
collection and go to the local Lubbock Texas huge movie theatres often.
I like to watch movies in the stadium movie theatres the best.
My personal DVD collection includes many 9/11 conspiracy,
Anti-New World Order and Police State DVD's besides
the typical Horror/Thriller & Comedy Movies since
they're based in facts not Hollywood fiction!


All my life I've seen the Christian channels talking up the Rapture and second coming of Christ as "any day now" and "all the signs from the Bible are taking place now!" and now 20 years later nothing, no second coming of Christ, no Rapture but the Extreme Rich White Elite NeoCon Masters are trying to create their own version of Armageddon for all us Peasants that they hate regardless of Race!! This is a "Class War" we are in!

I'm afraid humans will be extinct soon and no majical being will come from space to save us from ourselves! I doubt our modern society of Consumerism will last more than another 10 years. I predict the Neocons will destroy all of us and no hand of God will stop it! WW3 should wipe out most of us!!

I read on a website I ran across by accident on google, it's since vanished but it said the Neocons are hording material goods, computers, file cabinets, generators, food, etc, etc with all the modern knowledge of man-kind in underground bunkers so they can survive the "Neocon Rapture"! Said they want to wipe out 90% or more of the planets people through biological and nuclear weapons and have all the knowledge and technology to re-build a new society with no poverty, over-population, or non-whites to deal with!

I wish I'd loaded that site into my web-site builder to make a "mirror-site" on my website to save it! I should have known it would vanish! Not sure why it vanished, maybe they took it down!

Armageddon?? Yea, I think the NeoCons will create their own Armageddon and God won't have anything to do with it! We're sadly all on our own! Like I've told people, even the bible says "we are given free will", we are on our own on this planet! You don't have to be athiest to believe that! So just like if you go outside and jump in front of a bus, you will die just like a dog or cat that does the same thing, no hand of God is gonna stop that bus for you! You're dead meat!

So just like us sitting by and doing very little against the NeoCon Masters, we will suffer the wrath of the "bus" or Armageddon the NeoCons force upon us and no hand of God will help stop it!

GOOD EXAMPLE: I lived real close to a town in Ohio called "Utopia", it's said to be Haunted!! Anyways, I looked up the history of the now extinct town at the local library in our small town down the road! I was amazed, in around 1890 a bunch of highly religious people had "founded" that town and years later a huge flood of the Ohio river came, they all huddled in the town church and prayed to God to save them from the flood! They all drowned as they prayed in the Church of God! Hence the "Ghosts" people say they see coming out of the river all the time at night in modern day! I think 800 people drowned there!


Another good example of religious people being blinded literally to death! I saw on the news this year about 2 women that lived in a house in Indiana, a tornado was heading into their town, the one lady yelled at the other that "we need to take cover in a ditch, a tornado is coming", the lady grasping her child said "No, the Lord will save us" and she huddled with her daughter in the middle of the house praying to God! After pleading with her the other lady gave up and ran for cover, soon after the house exploded into pieces and both were killed! They found their mangled bodies down the road and nothing much was left of the house! The other lady was fine that took cover in a ditch not far from the house! So foolish... yet so common! In a land of immigrants that came here to escape religious brainwashing and dictatorships of Europe! We're worse than Europe now!!

Some say the 9-11 Movement people are Nazi's! No, it's more like the NeoCons are the NeoNazis! We 9-11 Movement people don't have the power to start wars to keep control over the people! The rich white elite know they've imported so many millions of non-white free and cheap labor that they'll not be able to retain power as a minority just like in South Africa! So they start Wars and take freedoms away and control the media all in the effort to get closer to that Police State they want, full control and votes won't mean anything!

They know the future non-white majority is not gonna keep the house and senate mostly lilly white and male like it is now! They're looking for other means to dominate the future USA without being in the majority, somehow the aprox. 60 million legal and illegal mexican immigrants plays a role in this, maybe just to drive down the wages and mix up the population more, easier to control. The few criminals able to control mexico with its 100+ million people is a good example! El Presidente "Fox" is not even Mexican!

It's common knowledge that the NeoCons appeal to the extreme racists! I've known many people and met many people that hate the "liberals" saying they give too much to the "N*gga's" and "Sp*cs" despite not being wealthy themselves! So even many poor whites that have nothing to gain from a NeoCon Government, vote for them anyways! I had several white men tell me at a factory I worked at in Cleveland Ohio that "a vote for a liberal democratic president is a vote for N*gga's!!" These guys worked right along side black employees in a city that's overwelmingly black! They did not make even enough money in the factory to be considered "middle class" and they voted for Bush and said "Clinton" gave everything to the minorities! Such idiots, tell me one thing Bush has helped out even the middle class, let alone the demolition of the millions of poor whites in America!
BTW, Ohio has lost 100,000 jobs a year since Bush took office!

Another tid-bit of info: There's about 6.6 Million people in U.S. Prisons!
Not certain, but I think it's doubled since Bush took office!!

The extreme rich white elite, ya know the guys that frolic around at Bohemian Grove and allow a couple Colin Powells to frolic with them sometimes! I'm sure they do their sacrifices to the Owl statue once the "un-wanted" people are not around!

It's amazing how your average Joe on the street is so clueless about their Neocon Masters! You don't build a nation on the backs of slaves and genocide of native peoples here 50,000 years before Columbus then one day say "Ok, we were wrong and we're all equal now"

No they changed it from a "Race War" to a "Class War", my city is a great example, they play games and local news always downplays reality and hypes up "equality" but at the same time local rich slaves masters use "domain" laws to cease low income neighborhoods to build new regulated apartment complexes that "screen people out based on income, background checks, credit, etc! Easy way to screen out the "unwanted people"!! They gave a few hundred bucks to the people living in the homes to move out! It re-located thousands of minorities out of that neighborhood to other areas as they tore all the houses down! Crime and tensions rose as the disenfranchised people had to squeeze into other neighborhoods in Lubbock, sure many were drug dealers, no doubt but did the the rich white slave masta's care about the neighborhoods they forced these people into?? Not a lick, never have, it's a "Class War" that's usually obvious by the color of the skin of the people on each end of the War! Katrina anyone?? I have victims from New Orleans digging in my dumpster daily! I asked them why they're here? They said "There's nowhere for us to go, they just washed their hands of us!" I've caught some of them sleeping in the dumpsters behind my home, I have to look in before I throw garbage away! They got a ride here after Katrina, thousands came! The local news only counted 350 that got off plane flights, none of the other thousands were counted that drove here or got rides in vans and buses! The official count still stands at 350!!

Believe me, when wealthy whites eyeball a piece of land they want, they get it! No matter who lives there, they will remove them! Just like the Indians land before and the millions of slaves they brought here to replace them and do their dirty work and now the 60 million Mexicans that are here now to do the new dirty work for the slave masta's!

All this back-fires on the Slave Masta's though, they're becoming a minority in their land of conquest, the schools are over-welmingly non-white, they're not producing babies, they're a dieing breed, over-welmingly elderly and gray! 70 Million more mostly white Americans hitting age 65 now! The majority of America is white and old! 90% of the USA immigrants legal & illegal are either Asian or Hispanic!

When these new people are the majority, do you think they will want to take orders from the White Slave Masta's who are by then a minority group? Not a chance and they won't want all those White Males in the House and Senate either, so the NeoCon's are Changing Laws to fit them in the future America! A Dictatorship or Police State is their goal! Votes will mean nothing, elections will be frauds like the last two were!!!

Their logic is that their money will buy them "freedom" from the hords of cheap labor they feed off of!! Example: All the wealthy whites where I live have "Gated Communities" with armed guards and they send their kids to private 99% white schools or homeschool them! This is common throughout the nation among wealthy whites but they'll always point out that one black kid at their school as proof "we're not segregated"!!! LMAO

Meanwhile the local public schools are hovering around 85% non-white if you add them all together! The majority of the city is white but of that the majority is elderly and had few children due to greed for bigger houses, trucks, and SUV's that got in the way of family!

I'm able to witness how whites build up places then vanish! Extiction is common for whites, they never secure their borders and feed off free or cheap labor until greed renders them extinct over the generations!

Think about it! Americans are supposed to relinquish racial pride, ethnic pride, national origine, language, and culture in favor of Greed and Consumerism!! WOW, what a trade off!


I'm happy to be back in Texas, after 2 months being back I'm starting to return to normalcy! Living in Kentucky and Ohio will mess you up and Ohio people are the rudest people outside of New Jersey in my opinion and their woman are so insecure that they can't go more than 5 minutes without being some mans property, they can't stand to be alone for a minute, it's pathetic! They spend their whole lives going from one boyfriend and husband to another but I guess that's the drama that they always wanted since they were 10 years old, the brainwashed society of Soap Operas & Mtv!

The whole culture of the place is dreadful but the people are clueless, the only repreave I got was living in Athens, Ohio since it's a college town and the woman have alot more brains there, you can actually have a conversation with them about something meaningful besides how their hair looks or their last 100 boyfriends! Texas women will cling to you like a octopus but the key is to not be too nice to them, if you let them know that you like your personal space they will back off a little, if you look at an ohio woman they think you want them or want to get married! I guess ohio women just can't make it without a man to drain the "life-blood" out of finacially, my own mother went from my dad to my step-dad in literally one day, the time it took us to fly from Alabama to Ohio when I was 11, she had no self esteem or security in herself having grown up most of her life in ohio, she could not live without a man!  It was closure for me also, I was able to prove with documentation that my College money given to my mother "$12,000" by my father after the sale of their home was used by my step-dad to put a new roof on his house, siding, and insulation when I was 12 years old!  Wow, first kid to get a 4 year college degree in my family burned up in smoke by an un-educated factory worker making $160 a week back then!  I have all the paperwork and it's very sad indeed, when college time came after I graduated high school I was given a piece of junk car and told "Good Luck"! My mother cheated on my father when I was 11 telling me when I caught them that she wasn't getting enough "attention" from my father, one of my uncle's had his wife sneaking around with a man that she worked with, he had no clue she was messing around for years and using her job to hide the fact of where she was!

I've had sex with roughly 150 married women, mostly met them from personal ads in the paper or on the internet and each one lied to me about it saying they were "single", so don't call me CYNICAL, I've earned it! Now I'm back were I was before I was suckered into a relationship with a woman that talked so sweet but was just the opposite.  She also said I refused to "grow up", as in what??  Be like every other man in America that pays child support and works 2 jobs just to survive? If that's "growing up" then I want no part of it thank you! She talked me into the whole "move to kentucky" thing which seemed like a cool idea at the time, we did have some fun but once she got around the inbred kentucky trailer park wiggers she changed!  They gave "white trash" a bad name, worthless excuses for human beings, their kids are breeding at 12 like there's not 5 billion too many people on the planet as it is, you need to start breeding with your cousin when you're 12 and he's 20??  Fukk that...  I hate that whole culture of dope smoking morons!  If they had 2 brains cells to rub together they would be dangerous, no they just live in their trailers, fukk any 12 year olds they can find roaming around the trailer parks and work on their race car that they can't afford gas for, that's why they're always under the hood!  Makes them feel like a man that they can work on their pieces of junk!! I also hate the over-priced cost of living in Kentucky and Ohio, no wonder most whites live in trailers, the schools are raising your taxes and graduating dope smoking morons that marry anyone at the drop of a hat and live in poverty working their crappy fast food jobs that illegal aliens even hate!

What a culture Ohio is, taxes keep going through the roof but the state has lost 200,000 jobs in the last 2 years, 4 or 5 major car factories have shut down completely, ruining the local economies!  That doesn't stop the taxes from going up or the rent from going up, no, the price of everything goes up! It's a heck of alot cheaper to live in most places in Texas compared to Ohio and the weather is ten times better, not counting tornadoes of course!  I like the dry heat of West Texas, when it's 100 degees here it's not as bad as 80 degrees in Ohio or Kentucky due to the humidity factor! Well, anyways, I'm back "home", I graduated from high school in Waco, Texas and went to community college in Waco also, I've traveled around the country alot since I was a kid but Texas was always my favorite place, it's far from perfect but it's alot better than the other places I've lived!

I moved back to Texas in March 2006
It took me 8 days to get here due to the
violent weather I encountered during my trip!
It was 1,650 miles on the odometer coming here
and hundreds of dollars in gas!!!  I got a full
size one ton Dodge Van which I have 4-Sale!
I'm buyin' a economy car now!!! 
I feel like I'm finally home again, I know alot
of people here and had about 300 girlfriends here!
Texas girls are the best and not as clingy!!
Texas girls are independent for the most part and
don't latch on to every man like an octopus!!!!
I don't date NeoCon rich women, only average girls
that live in reality and are not clueless drones of our
Consumer Society of Cell Phone Robots!


The TLC network (The Learning Channel)
traveled me to Gulf Breeze Florida to film a
show called "X-Testers" that should be airing
now on TLC, they paid me and paid for all
motels and food, it was alot of fun, I hated
coming back to ohio, it's like a paradise there
compared to here!

Ho Hum.... those krystal white beaches,
sand dunes, and beautiful women in florida
compared to cloudy skys, rain, cold, snow
and hillbilly women covered from head to
toe here in Ohio.....
it was so sad to come back here to Ohio..
Although Athens, Ohio is much better than
Akron, Ohio any day of the week!!!

BTW, in case ya didn't know, I've been on
many TV shows but mostly on the FOX
network (of course!) lmao.

These are Places I've lived before....

Waco, Texas & Akron, Ohio - (junior high school)
Gadsden, Alabama - (went to grade school)
Waco, Texas - (high school) - (Robinson Texas)
Hewitt, Texas - (Community college in Waco)
Orlando, Florida - (stayed with friends sister! 6 weeks!)
Colorado Springs, Colorado - (6 months)
Los Angeles, California - (6 weeks!!)
Seattle, Washington - (krazy place!)
Topeka, Kansas - (visited father 2 weeks!)
Gulf Breeze, Florida
Fort Walton Beach, Florida
Corpus Christi, Texas
Roswell, New Mexico
Lubbock, Texas - (worked at Texas Tech!)
Florence, Kentucky
Covington, Kentucky
New Richmond, Ohio
Chillicothe, Ohio
Akron, Ohio - (Visited dieing step-father)
Zanesville, Ohio
Athens, Ohio - (came to see Haunted town
with my uncle and came back later to stay!)

My father and step-father got layed off
from their jobs often and we had to move
between Waco, Texas and Akron, Ohio
and Gadsden, Alabama, so I was shuffled
around alot, got to see alot of places but
could never keep friends long before we
would have to move again....
I would fly alot to spend summers with my
father then fly home to go to school living
with my mom and step-dad... I've been all
over the USA, every part of Texas and I've
been to Canada and Mexico several times...

My favorite state is Texas...


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