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My MilkshakeBringsAllTheBoysTothe Yard,ThereLikeItsbetterThenUrs, DAMNRight ItsBetterThenUrs, I'dTeachUButI'd HaveTo Charge!!

We StIcK tOgEtHeR lIkE rUbBeR aNd GlUe...If SoMeThInG hApPeNs Im HeRe FoR u...YoUr In My hEaRt TiLl ThE eNd....*My Sis*My Girl*My Best Friend*

I hate the way you look at me. And the way you act so weird. I hate the way you have no clue. I hate it when you're far, not near. I hate your stupid everything.And the way you have no fears. I hate you so much it makes me sick- It even makes some tears. I hate the way I talk to you. I hate it when you're mad. I hate it when you make me happy. Even worse when you make me mad. I hate it that you're just my friend. And the fact that you don't call. But mostly I hate the way I don't hate you. Not even close, not even a little bit. Not even at all.

---GuyS ArE boring, they only like scoring, GuYs ArE GaY, they NevEr StaY, GuyS cant stop eating, they aRe AlwAyS CheAtinG, GuYs think thurr SlicK, TheY onLy WannA uSe ThuRR DiCk, GuyS sUcK, they onLy WannA Fuck, GuYs Like ThiRd BaSe, TheyLl SAy Ne THiNg FoR FaCE, guYs OnlY WaNt HeAd, Or to get u in beD, GuYs CaN onLy Do WrOnG, ThEy OnLy WaNT U Ta WaCk ThUrr ShloNg, GuyS AlwAyS Lie, ThEy maKe U CrY, GuyS dOnT CaRe If Ur NoT in HeAt, They OnLy WaNnA UsE thUrR MeaT, So DoNt wOrRy JuSt rEmEmBeR, GuyS OnLy WaNt Sum OnE sUcKinG ThEir Member!

Kiss on the ear = " I am Horny " Kiss on the cheek = " we are friends " Kiss on the hand = " I adore you " Kiss on the shoulder = " I want you " Kiss on the lips = " I love you "
Kiss on everywhere else = " Let's get busy " Holding hands = " we can learn to love each other "
A wink = " Let's get it on "
Slap on the butt = " watch out "
Playing with the ear = " I can't live without you "
Arms around the waist = " I love you to much to let go "
Pulling hair on head = " Tell me you love me " Looking into each other's eyes = " Let's get romantic " Holding on tight = " don't let go "

::This is the best section of my profile::LM ha?


.:gUrLs aNd gUyS:.

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