Below is Links Saved from the Message Forum I had before the Host
went Out of Business on Feb. 10 - 2012
The other board allows for YouTube embed videos and
is not locked down or out of business, you can register there now at...
it's an old board that was pulled out of MothBalls! I don't use it much tho!!

Links to Websites I Frequent Below:

Don't Forget to Visit: ... 80&bih=851 ... ema-6.html ... h=822&bs=1 ... 80&bih=822

Links to Websites I Frequent, Posting this for my own
personal use but anyone is free to use it also...

Alternative Thinking Websites (Break Out of the Matrix)
The Real Traffic Data Report for UfoVideo.Net
Traffic in the Millions official Alexa Stats:

Message Board Abandoned gets lots of Traffic
there was 28 people on-line when I looked at it today:

HillBilly UFO Website with Hawkins Video on it
Plays HillJack music upon entry:

UfoVideo.Net worth almost $4,000:

Lots of Crap listed on Mike Hawkins by someone: ... 91646.aspx

Ton of UFO Videos on this Page including Hawkins Vids:

Visit these before they get deleted:

People can be talking crap about you for years and you'd never
know they are until you stumble onto their crappy website by accident!

My Main Website: http://www.UfoVideo.Net
Hawkins UFO Photos:
Hawkins MySpace #1:
Hawkins MySpace #2: http://www.MySpace.Com/Xhawkins
Mars Conspiracy Exposed:
More Links Saved Here (Explore if you Dare!!): - - - -

Don't Forget to Visit: