Since Tom King can't keep a secret or keep a
private conversation to himself I'm not either!
He slanders Mike Hawkins & Tom Sabourin on
his Web-Site to make himself look like a big-shot
UFO Researcher when in reality he is nothing but
a UFO Hoaxer and Cult Leader Wanna Be!!!
Ok, on recorded conversations with Tom King he
told me flat out that he gave a video he filmed of
a grocery bag caught in the desert wind to the local
Phoenix News because it looked impressive and
they used it many times, I have the tapes he mailed
me showing him and his buddies bragging about all
the UFO's they filmed and they show clips of some
of his frauds including the grocery bag footage!!!
He was trying to make a name for himself and used
the bogus footage to get more exposure!
Tom King admitted to buying and filming mylar
balloons to see if they looked like real UFO's, he
also went into detail on the phone and in letters
about his close encounters with little aliens and I
was there during some of the encounters! I was in
Florida and he was in Phoenix, I've never been there!
He said the Aliens had a Phoenix patch on their ufo
uniforms, he drew the aliens and saucers in letters!
He also told me many times in letters and on the
phone that my ufo footage was the best he's ever seen
and that he wants to make a video and sell it using my
footage after he's been letting people download it on
his web-site for years!!! He talks about backstabbing,
he's the biggest backstabber of them all!!!

Tom King's Letters About Space Aliens!!!