Tom King posted on his site the following:

What happened is I had a tape of various sightings I taped over 6 months. I went to Village Labs to give the tape to Jim D. When I got there a camera crew from Fox 10 was there to do a UFO story. I sat down and talked with them about my skywatching. They asked for me to get them some of the videos I had talked about. Jim D. said "here" and handed them the tape I made Jim to study. The tape wasn't meant for broadcast and was intended for research. Just like all those tapes sent to Skynet are meant to study and not be posted immediately unless we can rule everything out.

Later on I identified one of my sightings was a just grocery bag. It was one the news had in their story. Perhaps the clip shouldn't have made it on the news but I never intended to give the news anything other than UFO videos. Infact I never gave the news any footage, Jim D. gave them my tape he was going to study.

However Tom Sabourin and friend Hawkins somehow think I released grocery bags taped them and purposely give that to the local news. I think everyone knows I would never do that, nor hoax a sighting. These guys have really dragged their brand of UFOlogy into the gutter. As they both say they aren't researchers and don't bother doing so. Just because they have be caught hoaxing sightings for profit doesn't mean everyone else is doing that.

Now if Mike Hawkins did illegally wiretap me without my consent than it can merit criminal proceedings. Tom Sabourin has stated he intents to spam that illegal wiretap across the internet. Everyone should know something about wiretaps. Can you say Linda Tripp and Monica Lewinski?

Tom King Admits to Grocery Bag Incident!
Says it was an accident they got his footage!

It's funny, on the phone he stated the opposite, said
he gave it to the Phoenix News because it looked
good, better than his "real" footage and he knew that
it would get airtime, increasing the interest of the
local media! He was right, his interviews with the
local media increased and he continued his 15 minutes
of shame peddling bogus Ufo footage to the media!!!!

Understand that Tom King threatens lawsuits when
he knows he's wrong and being exposed for what he
is, he knows if the public heard the crap he said on
the phone that he'd be a laughing stock to his dozen
or so members of his site.....but the letters he wrote
says it all, he's a nut-case blow hard!!!!