Tom King's Letters to Hawkins!

In all his letters to Mike Hawkins he goes on and on about dreams of Mike
Hawkins being in a spaceship with him and the Aliens and that Mike Hawkins
UFO Footage is the best he's ever analyzed....A TOP TEN Sighting!

On Tom King's Web-Site in 97 he's got Hawkins footage being downloaded by
hords of people so he says in his letters, Hawkins Sh^t is the Best!!!

He states in many letters to Hawkins that UFO Researchers are worthless and
are Only out for money and could care less if UFO's are real or not, Hawkins
happens to agree on this point, Bob Oechsler is one of few UFO Researchers
that Hawkins has any respect for and mainly due to his retirement speech that
took place in Gulf Breeze Florida, If you'd like a copy, E-Mail Mike Hawkins!

In something out of an Ed Walters book of Fairy Tales Tom King goes to lengths
to describe his encounters with Alien beings and that Mike Hawkins is present for
these close encounters! This one though appeared in his Apartment to probe him
I guess or at least that's what he hoped would happen!!!

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