As in many of the letters I recieved from Tom King he states that Mike Hawkins
and Tom Sabourins footage is the best he's seen, with every package came tapes
of Tom Kings footage he wanted to share with me including Phoenix area news
reports showing his grocery bag footage aired numerous times!!!
Tom King says he built me a web-site and I can sell whatever I want on it so I
could make a few bucks, he already had my footage on downloads on his web-site
maybe he was feeling guilty since I never gave him permission to put my footage
on his web-site for eveyone to download or for him to sell in videotapes he talks
about in his letters and on the recorded phone conversations! I recorded the phone
conversations because he seemed too motivated to not be out for a fast buck!
I was skeptical of his stories and frequent calls, I took everything Tom King said
with a bucket of salt, it just didn't make sence to me!

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