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From: Tom King <>
Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2003 20:29:43 +0000
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Subject: Re: Laughlin Conference - King

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 >>From: Tom King <>
 >>Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 17:59:15 +0000
 >>Subject: Re: Laughlin Conference


 >>I thought about going this year since it's only a couple hours
 >>drive from my location. I decided not to attend since it's the
 >>same club of people every year.

 >>Then there's Sean David Morton and Steven Greer. With all the
 >>hard working UFO researchers out there can't they find someone
 >>with better qualifications then those two? On top of that one of
 >>the speakers is a convicted child molester who speaks every

 >>I'd be interested in listening to Stan Romanek a couple others
 >>speaking. Most of the regular speakers will probably give last
 >>years lecture and I'm not interested in that. I think its more
 >>of a UFO circus than a Congress.

 >>Good luck to you and hope you enjoy our weather.

 >It's below freezing here at the moment so the Nevada sunshine
 >will be a welcome relief I can assure you. I can't comment on
 >the organisers choice of speakers. All I can say is that I've
 >never been here before so I doubt if anyone in the audience will
 >have head my presentation before.

 >I'd like to think that my take an abduction accounts in the UK
 >will be of interest to those in attendance and hopefully will be
 >a little different from what they have heard before.


At least half of the speakers or more are a pretty good line up.
The UFO Congress is something to experience at least once. After
that, you seen one you seen them all.

I can't see how Wendelle Stevens can show his face in public and
do a slide show. Last time I saw him I just thought of what a
sick mutha he is.

I watched one of his slide shows a few years ago. He relied
heavily on a man called Joe Clowers. Joe and his friends seem to
have the ability to photograph discs very close up. He also
relied upon Mike Hawkin's photos quite a bit. I have proved that
Mike Hawkins is a con-artist in the UFO field recently. I
believe Wendelle doesn't do much to investigate the photos he
shows. It won't take much to pick apart nearly his entire slide
show if it was investigated properly. If you get a chance to see
his show let me know if he has a bunch more from Joe Clowers!

Sean David Morton and Robert Morningsky were recently
interviewed for an upcoming TLC show on prophecies. Even the
producer involved is aware of the UFO field's dislike for Sean
David Morton, but he included him because he delivers good
sound-bites. Whether the guy is a regular liar is secondary to
the show. The producer will be at the UFO Congress so you might
run into him.

I refuse to deal with TLC, DSC, HC or anything else Discovery
owns. I'm boycotting DSC and their tv producers have burned
bridges with just about the whole UFO community. They won't ever
get any UFO footage from me or any friends of mine (neither will
Bob Brown). Furthermore I advise every person I meet that has
something on tape to never deal with DSC because they will
rip-off a person with UFO footage.

Good Luck to you and hope to read your book sometime soon.

Tom King