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From: (Tom King)
Subject: Best UFO video on the planet August 6, 1997 will be a day going down in UFO history.

A UFO was sighted and videotaped and it is mind blowing. The video was shot in the Mexico City area in broad daylight. What you see on the tape is a set of large apartment complexes. A flying saucer is hovering just a few hundred feet over the ground of this city. The saucer wobbles in the video, then darts to the right quickly. Moves behind one of the complexes, then emerges over the top of it. It then proceeds behind another complex but never comes out the other side. It simply vanished. The tape lasts under 30 seconds and probably will be a bigger controversy than the "Alien Autopsy"! The disc appears to be around 1 mile away and over 50 feet in diameter. Its not a little white dot on video or a hockey puck. This is right in your face video, its really shocking. I would compare it to the Paul Villa photos of the disc. It's a really large image on the video. So far every person who has seen it was floored to say the least. It has an effect on you, almost like witnessing the actual sighting. It also reminds me of the "plasma" craft videotaped by Carlos Diaz. The details of the saucer are this: It rotates clockwise around 1 revolution per second. There is a dome on top and a black hole on the bottom. There what appears to be windows or lights rotating on it. Sometimes different colors are seen on it. The most impressive thing about it is the wobbling. There also other independent witness, other than the cameraman. Its the piece of evidence UFOlogy has been waiting for since in the invention of the video camera. It now puts us at a point where the only way to top this video would be to tape one land and see some aliens get out. The video is now being checked for any signs of a hoax. So far none have surfaced yet. If it is a hoax, Industrial Light and Magic would be the suspects. I can't express enough about how awesome this footage is. If you never get the chance in your life to see a UFO up close, then this is the next best thing. Jaime Maussan was sent the footage and is now being analyzed by Village Labs and Lee Elders. They're all in Phoenix now investigating it. It will air soon on tv, and you'll probably see it more than the Rodney King beating. This is going to really throw UFOs back into the headlines.

Tom King, Skywatcher
Arizona Skywatch director

Tom King loved the Mexico UFO Footage!