Here they come ?


South Bend, Indiana FOX TV news 07/31/96.

5 minute segment on UFOs in Mexico City and Arizona. I did not see it personaly. 2 minutes just of video footage from Mexico & Arizona. They are the "hockey pucks" just like the ones Tom King took in Arizona(pictured above) and just like the ones that I have on the Mexico videos. Anouncer said that they are either UFO with ET or US military flying new technology and then commented that he doubted if it was US technology. Whoa Nellie.

In July, 1996, I was contacted by Tim Edwards, who has been on Sightings and Paranormal Borderline with the Salida Colorado UFO videos. He provided me a URL with some of his pictures as well as Tom Kings pictures( who was also on the Paranormal Borderline program). When I saw Tom's picture, which is at the top of the page, I was FLOORED ! It is the SAME ships that have been on all the Mexico videos since 1992. I wrote Tom and below is his reply, with pictures !
Thanxz Tom !
To: Dan
From :Tom King

Hi, I checked out your page finally and it looks great. Alot of information to read in there, and not this rumored hearsay shit that usually gets around.

I know these things I am seeing are involved in Mexico too. I have known this for along time. I have seen well over 100 of these hockey pucks in close range, with in a mile or two away. Not just a bizarre light moving rapidly in the sky, but close enough to see the surface of it. These things are real. There no balloons, or some kind of experimental military craft. It appears they are totally alien in every sense of the word. I have been in the right place several hundred damn times over this last year. It gets to be a rush, a sort of high. Waiting for the next encounter, the next video to be shot. Where will it be? Who will be with? What will happen?

Those black rimmed hockey pucks come in several sizes almost all with a dome. These are just one of many craft up there. They have different recording optics. Meaning your get different details on different craft because of distortion of light around the craft. Hockey pucks give out less distortion than the white disc. The white disc has a one to two foot parameter around the craft of TOTAL white diffusement. No matter how close it gets its just a white glowing disc. No details can be see on it.

Anyway you can use whatever images you want. Thats why we put them on the net.

Tom King

TOM KING's REPORT ON PROPHET YAHWEH!!!!! hahahahahahaaaa.......

Hello everyone,

Recently I had a chance to meet the man Prophet Yahweh, view his footage, and have a skywatch with him in which he called out UFOs. I'm sure we all know about the claims of CSETI and Greer of training people to call out UFOs, but CSETI comes with a large price tag and I haven't come across one video or credible person to back up CSETI's claims.

Prophet on the other hand appears to be able to do the impossible. Bring the UFOs out of the sky everyday. To back this claim up. He has several videos he or others shot showing him summon the UFOs and then they appear in the sky.

My experience with Prophet was it certainly appears he can do this. For 2 days in a row he summoned UFOs and strange objects came on his will.

I taped nearly all of them. The main object that peaked my interest was on Sunday. I'm not sure how this is done, but all of us who witnessed this saw no trickery or staging, slight of hand, or gimics.

For instance. He said the next UFO to appear would be in the sky for over 1 hour. Within 1 minute it appeared in the sky and was there well over 1 hour. I shot videotape of that using 80x optical and a laser scope. My camera power can resolve balloons and common debris beyond what the naked eye and binoculars can see. The object was well beyond my camera range to resolve, so it was several miles away from us.

The footage shows a pill shaped object in the beginning of the sighting, later it was sphere shaped.

I contacted Steve Kates "Dr. Sky" about the Sunday sighting. He informed me it could have been Venus in the sky and it could explain what we saw. This is a very good prosaic explaination to what we saw (for only 1 of the sightings, that doesn't account for the others moving over our heads rapidly).

However, I'm still going thru the movement of all the footage to carefully check that aspect out and optically the pill shape we saw doesn't match Venus but the sphere shape does. The 20 minute video is still being researched now and the outcome could be anything.

One question I raise is, If Prophet is a fraud and can't call these UFOs in, then why does he have daytime footage of 4 boomerangs and a orb? Nobody has clear footage of that UFO.

He also has quite of few UFOs on tape that are pretty good. One sighting Prophet had in LA about a year ago.

He told a Black orb that was moving to "stop" and it did! The quality and closeness of his shots are impressive. He shoots with a Sony Digital camera and uses only 10x for his zooming.

He also has a number of people who will back up his claims of calling in the UFOs.

So far I believe the evidence weighs in his corner.

Prophet is very humble about his gift and footage. They are public domain and ownership is to the people. He is not in this for the money he just wants to educate people about the reality of UFOs.

I know he isn't everybodies cup of tea and alot of UFOlogists will attack him because of his spiritual message.

Prophet invites everyone, including his critics to stop by his house, see the video and see a UFO for yourself.

Lets not judge the man over the Internet, or others attempting to debunk him.

And don't believe anything I have to say about him.

Go to his house and find out the truth for yourself. Don't forget to bring your camera and an open mind.

I will continue to investigate this strange UFO story.

I'm still skeptical about it all, but there also something very strange to it all. I've seen enuff to make me want to go back and find out more about this.

You'll find by next summer there will be alot of UFO footage coming out of Vegas, not only by Prophet, by other skywatchers there also. Many have or are moving to Vegas for some reason.

I have attached a still image taken from Prophets video of a boomerang.

Tom King


From: (Tom King)
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 1997 16:01:22
EST Fwd Date: Sun, 28 Sep 1997 21:47:16 -0400
Subject: New Phoenix UFOs

After watching a tape I have called the "Gulf Breeze files" by Mike Hawkins. I went outside to skywatch for a while. At about 2:30 on September 28, 1997 I saw a flashing silver object in the sky. After a few seconds of watching it, I realized I've seen and videotaped these strange objects in the past. I ran inside and a grabbed a still camera and asked my brother Rob to come out and videotape this thing. It appeared to be 5 to 10 thousand feet in the sky at a NW direction from my vantage point. I was using a Cannon T-50 with 1000 speed film. It had a 500mm telephoto lens, and a 3X adapter attached to it. After I was able to see it thru the camera, I thought this thing is silver and possibly metallic. It was flashing on and off. I call these objects "blinkers" I have no idea what they are but they blink on and off. I was able to snap 4 pictures of the object. Rob was unable to record it on video, due to the poor resolution of the color viewfinder. After I shot 4 pictures of it. I ran inside and grabbed an arm full of tripods. I came out and set them up. After we mounted the cameras the object was gone. We saw it for a total of 4 minutes. I took my gear to the otherside of my house looking for it and saw another object much farther away. It was white and over 20 miles away. Later during the day at 3:04 I saw a very, very small white object fly in very fast from the northwest. I tried to take pictures of this one but it was moving to fast. It came to a sudden stop nearly over my house at just over 1,000 ft. I thought "Hell it must want to be photographed." I grabbed the videocamera instead and tried to find and record it. I was unable to because it had stopped to close to the vicinity of the Sun. All I could see was the Sun's glare. This last object really reminded me of a video shot by John Velez a few months back. It didn't take long for this object to vanish also. If any of the first set of 4 photographs come back and one are in focus. I will post them on my website. I would also be willing to send the original negatives to photo experts like Bob Shell for review. I will admit. I know no nothing about taking 35mm pictures. I can use a videocamera very good but need advise on what film speeds to use and everything. I have taken several UFO pictures over the last 3 months, but they came back blank. I wasn't using the right film speeds and setting. If you have any advise on what to use, E-Mail me directly. Tom King, Skywatcher Arizona Skywatch director AZ Skywatch