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I have a ton of hard to find DVD's, E-Mail me with questions
on DVD's you seek, I may have it. I have an Archive of VHS tapes full
of all sorts of UFO, Bigfoot, Ghosts, Chemtrails, Black Helicopters,
Men in Black, NWO, Area 51, Alien Encounters, etc Shows & News Reports.
I will copy any tape to DVD for $25 each or 3 for DVD's for $60

UFO Encounters (The Truth is Here!) - 3 DVD's Full of UFO Evidence

Family Alien Abduction Video - Contains Footage plus other Investigations (Full DVD)

Crop Circles Investigations - Alien Signs? - U.K. Reports - Pro & Con Evidence (Full DVD)

Raw UFO Footage - Non-Stop Raw UFO Footage directly from Witnesses Camcorders (Full DVD)

Mike Hawkins on new Strange TV Show called X-Testers - Raw Video (Full DVD)

Mike Hawkins & Footage on 7 Paranormal TV shows (Full DVD)

Roswell UFO News Reports - 3 DVD's of Roswell TV News Reports on UFO Crash

Bill O'Reilly on TV show he hosted talking about UFO's & Bigfoot!

Bill O'Reilly - Trash Journalism Express - Tabloid Style Garbage he Hosted - (Full DVD)

Mars NASA Conspiracies - 3 DVD Set on Mars Conspiracy - Strange Objects Found!

UFO News Reports Worldwide - Full DVD of Global UFO Newscasts

Current Affair UFO Episodes - Old Current Affair UFO Reports from Gulf Breeze, etc

UFO News Reports Worldwide II - 2 more hours of Global UFO Newscasts

Ohio UFO Footage DVD #1 - Compilation DVD of Ohio UFO Footage from 2003 to 2005

Ohio UFO Footage DVD #2 - More Compilations of Ohio UFO Footage - (Updated)

Mike Hawkins UFO Footage DVD - Mike Hawkins UFO Footage shown on TV Shows

Gulf Breeze UFO DVD #1 - Cavalcade DVD Edition of Gulf Breeze UFO Footage, Raw Video

Gulf Breeze UFO DVD #2 - Raw Video, More Gulf Breeze UFO Footage, Skywatches, Etc.

Raw UFO Footage Collection - 6 hours of Raw UFO Footage on 3 DVD's!!

Raw UFO Witness Interviews - People speak of what they saw at Sighting locations

Video Tour of Roswell - Tour of UFO Central complete with Extras (Full DVD)

Global Roswell News Reports - Variety of recent news reports on Roswell (5 DVDs)

Chemtrails DVD - What are Jets dumping on America?? DVD full of News Reports!

9/11 - Inside Job from Hell - Just Raw Footage!

9/11 - The NeoConned Nation - 9/11 Rare Footage - You Judge!

Loose Change - Second Edition - (Full DVD + Extras)

DVD of Rare News Footage from 9/11 The Inside Job!!

Arizona UFO News Reports - Have 3 DVD's full of Arizona UFO News Reports

Bigfoot DVD #1 - Various News Reports and Videos of Bigfoot

Bigfoot DVD #2 - More Sasquatch, SkunkApe footage - (Compilation DVD)

Cryptozoology DVD #1 - On the Hunt for the Elusive SkunkApe!

UFO's the Hidden Truth DVD - UFO Episodes packed on one DVD

The Hidden Truth Volume #2 - More UFO Episodes of Cancelled TV Program

In Search of Noah's Ark - Hard to Find DVD copy of a Rare Documentary

Bob Oechsler Retirement Speech - UFO Researcher on Politics of Ufology, from Gulf Breeze

Roswell, New Mexico UFO Tour - Includes footage from within the now Closed old UFO Museum

Roswell UFO Convention DVD - Tour of Roswell New Mexico UFO Convention - (Cool DVD)

United Kingdom UFO News - News Reports and UK Programs on UFO's

Ghosts DVD #1 - My own Personal Ghost Encounters DVD - (Various Footage - Creepy)

Halloween Horrors DVD #1 - Various Halloween Ametuer Footage, lots of Cool Videos

Underground European Horror Flicks - I also have Rare Underground Euro-Horror DVD's

I also have many more Underground DVD's on the Paranormal, etc - E-Mail Me!!

Cut & paste my E-Mail address if needed:

More Paranormal DVDs Available - E-Mail Me with questions
I sell one DVD for $25 or 3 for $60 or 10 for $150 postage paid in the USA
OverSeas orders are $10 more for extra postage and handling.
I have boxes of UFO videos and DVD's & other Paranormal subjects.
E-Mail me about what you seek, I may have it!!

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