Vitali Klitschko vs Herbie Hide!

This was a Strange WBO Heavyweight Title Fight!

Round 1 Hide came out throwing crazy wide shots!

Early in the 2nd round Vitali floored Hide with
what looked like legitimate punches to the head!

What happens later in the round is Mysterious!
A right punch that goes around the head of Hide
barely touching his shoulder & Hide is KO'd!!!

Was it a head-butt or Hide quitting? On several re-plays
of the punch from different angles you can easily see
that it never connected! It only brushed his shoulder!

From the non-existent punch Hide looks like
someone shot him, stairing into space!
Maybe Herbie Hide just wanted to quit?!

Vitali Klitschko wins WBO Title Belt!!!
"KO's" Herbie Hide Round 2
This Fight is Weird! ~It was a Phantom Punch!~
So no punch lands, Hide goes down and seems
like he got hit with a baseball bat!!!
NOW, Vitali did very well against Lewis!
Way better than anyone besides Rahman & McCall!
I made this page before that fight happened!
The Hide fight is still a Mystery!
Since then Vitali has Destroyed Kirk Johnson!
Securing his spot as the #1 Contender again!
No Controversy in Johnson Fight! He was KTFO!
Vitali also avenged Wlad's loss to Corrie Sanders
to win the WBC Heavyweight title!

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