Ufo Photo Proof!

As much as I have a hard time believing in 99% of the Ufo data out there, I must admit
from personal experience that there is something to it, maybe even Aliens! Hawkins....

From original negative, first UFO photo taken my
Mike Hawkins, April 1993, in Gulf Breeze, Florida.

Enlarged version from same photo/negative, you
start to see that it's definately NOT a plane!!!!

Enlarged a little more, it's still a UFO, which in case
you don't know is an Unidentified Flying Object, NOT
a definate Alien Spacecraft, some don't understand that!

Bigger blow-up makes it look like an Unknown,
it's NOT a plane, it's NOT Superman, so what!?

Another photo taken by Hawkins
Aug. 18, 2001 Lubbock, Texas....

Another photo taken by Hawkins
Triangle UFO, Lubbock, Texas...

These two night photos were
taken in Oklahoma City, OK.
in June 2002. Object, I thought
was plane shot straight up and
disappeared! Other dot faded
into the clouds and I never saw
either again, made the hair on
my neck stand up! No way of
proving what it was, if I didn't
have the pictures or videos of
this sh*t, it never happened,
even with videos and photos
it's impossible to prove it was
SpaceAliens, it's never been
done, period! Hawk..